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Who is Basket Revolution?

Basket Revolution creates and delivers hand made gift baskets in Vancouver, surrounding areas as well as the rest of Canada. 

Basket Revolution was established in 2002 in Surrey, BC, the second biggest city after Vancouver on the Canadian Coast.  We started creating gift and fruit baskets for local customers and quickly expanded to all the other cities located in the Vancouver area. Soon after we started delivering our gift baskets throughout Canada. 

Where are you located?

Our office is centrally and conveniently located in Burnaby,  at # 201-4501 Kingsway Blvd, in a modern co-operative space.  Meetings are by appointment only and have to be setup in advance.  For corporate orders, we generally visit our clients, from North Shore to Richmond, and from Vancouver to Abbotsford.

Why should I choose Basket Revolution?

At Basket Revolution,  we pride ourselves on: 

  • making gift baskets from the heart, from our family to yours
  • the natural items in our gifts are a norm, to surprise and inspire the recipients
  • hand delivery when possible, to ensure the perfect, gorgeous look of every basket
  • hand made cloth bows, in natural, earthy colors to match our sophisticated offer
  • personal, artistic hand-written complimentary note for each gift basket

We believe in fresh products so only after we receive your order,  we start to create your gift basket or flower bouquet. This is how we ensure that you receive the freshest product, in perfect condition.

If you are located in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland you will see one of the Basket Revolution staff personally deliver each basket - the owners are even seen out making deliveries. By using our employees we ensure that your basket arrives in perfect condition because we are as invested in your purchase as you are. 

For the rest of BC and Canada, we work with Fedex, who is our trusted courier partner for more than 5 years. 

Where do I start?

You have several options of how to browse through our site.

On the left hand side you will notice a navigation bar - the top three collections are always upcoming holidays and note worthy dates. 

Below that, you will see the rest of our collections, that are not associated with holidays but more so with categories. 

You can search for keywords in the search bar as well, which is located at the top right hand corner of the website. Keywords can be "chocolate" or "Mother's Day" or "babies".

If you cannot see what you are looking for, please see our Custom Basket FAQ further down on the page, and contact us at sales@basketrevolution.com to place your custom order. 

    What winery and wines do you use and why?

    We use local great wines for your gift baskets, and often they are from Jackson Triggs

    Jackson Triggs is known for its high standard of excellence as well as excellent wines, and their extensive wine portfolio. From their Proprietor's  Selection wines to their Reserve wines, there is no mistake Jackson Triggs is one of the great Canadian vineyards. Read more about Jackson Triggs  here.

    The type of wine is chosen at our discretion for the red or white varieties, however if you have a preference please leave us a note in the checkout section. You can see a list of the wines we use in our baskets here

    If you wish to swap out the Jackson Triggs wines for another brand, please contact us before you make a purchase and we will be happy to discuss options with you. We will create a separate, custom listing just for you, to which we will direct you to via email to finish the checkout process. 

    *We are not directly affiliated with Jackson Triggs in any other way than as a purchaser and re-seller of their product 

    *When necessary and based on availability, substitution may occur with similar items

    Can I create custom gift baskets?

    We love getting custom basket orders! 

    We have several options for custom baskets:

    • You can give us a list of local products you want included in the basket
    • If you are in Vancouver or Lower Mainland and have items you want to be used in an existing basket, you can deliver those items to us so we can arrange them in the basket before delivery/shipping 
    • If you have a theme in mind, but no particular products you want used, awesome, we love flexing our creative muscle for you

    Want something different? Please email us at sales@basketrevolution.com and we will be more than happy to help you. 

    We will create a separate, custom listing just for you, to which we will direct you to via email to finish the checkout process. 

    *When necessary and based on availability, substitution may occur with similar items

    Do you have healthy gift baskets options?

    Certainly! We have a wide selection of baskets and we are adding more all the time.

    As a promotor of the West Coast healthy life-style, we have organic, gluten-free and all local fruit options to cover all preferences. Please email us at sales@basketrevolution.com if you want a custom basket to be created for you and please include any dietary restrictions and preferences you have. 

    We will create a separate, custom listing just for you, to which we will direct you to via email to finish the checkout process. 

    *When necessary and based on availability, substitution may occur with similar items

    What corporate services do you offer?

    Here are some of options that we offer to our corporate clients:

    1. Corporate discounts starting for orders of $1500 or above
    2. When a logo is provided, we can customize your gift card or basket with your logo
    3. Add marketing or promotional items to be sent with your gifts *To be mailed to us in advance, please allow 3-7 business days extra on these baskets
    4. Customized ribbon for a professional look. Email us for more details *Please allow approximately 6 weeks to create custom ribbon
    5. Canada wide delivery

    What about shipping? 

    Our office makes every attempt to accommodate your requests for specific delivery dates. Orders received after 11:00 a.m. PST, will be shipped the next business day. 
    You may expect your gift order to be delivered within 24-48 hours of receipt of your order during non-peak seasons. During peak periods such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas, please allow 1-2 additional business days for processing and preparation of your gift order(s).

    Our courier is FEDEX and typically the ground delivery is 1-3 business day for BC. Standard Ground Delivery service is available Monday to Friday only. 

    For gift orders of a time-sensitive nature such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals or special occasions we highly recommend upgrading to Express Delivery. This level of service is guaranteed by our carrier.

    If the recipient is not available to receive the delivery, our carrier will leave a call tag advising that an attempt was made. The driver may also release the gift in a safe drop area if he deems the area safe such as a backyard or doorway if accessible.

    If the area is not deemed safe, then the carrier will make two more delivery attempts. If unsuccessful at this point, the gift parcel will be returned to our facility and additional return shipping fees will apply.

    We update periodically the status of your shipped orders, so please check online or email us at sales@basketrevolution.com for updates on the deliveries.

    Urgent deliveries

    If you need same day delivery, please contact us by phone first to ensure delivery is possible. If the delivery is confirmed, an extra $10 will be charged online or to the CC used for the order, for rush shipping and delivery.

    *This only applies for our personal delivery area, of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We cannot guarantee same day FedEx delivery.

    Weekend and Holiday deliveries 

    If you are within our personal delivery area of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we can arrange a Saturday or Sunday delivery at an extra cost of $10. However, make sure that the arrangements are made far enough in advance.

     If you are out of our personal delivery area, FedEx can deliver only Saturday (Sunday is closed) . The delivery on Saturday will be more expensive because is done by FedEx Express. Please consult with the office for the price estimate in advance.

    Office Hours

    We are happy to help our clients Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST. However do not hesitate to send an email or call after hours, both email and voicemail are checked regularly for urgent requests. 

    We hope to see you soon in the store,