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2020 Christmas & New Year Gift Baskets

Elegant, Thoughtful Gift Baskets with European Flair

Are you looking for the perfect Canadian gift this Holiday Season?

Please Place Your Order Early - Limited Quantities This Year


We hand-pick local gourmet foods, artisan chocolates, plants, and we pair them with kitchen accessories and home décor items,  and on request with wine, champagne, craft beer and spirits to build gift baskets and boxes for everyone on your shopping list.

Corporate Gifts: Need a gift that says “Thank You!” to Hard-Working Employees or your Top Client? Want to streamline the gifting process for your whole office? We have exactly the ticket to make your Christmas and New Year gifting process a breeze.

Multiple recipients and locations on your list? We are inviting you to use our handy CORPORATE ORDER TEMPLATE, and send it to for immediate processing.  We will contact you back with comments on the logistics and billing.

This year the accent falls on our gift boxes, which have a sturdy built and a sophisticated look, and most importantly are environmentally friendly.  These boxes contain precious gifts and are also chic Christmas decorations to place under the tree or to adorn corners of the home as they elegantly match the warmth of the season. The look of the gift boxes is completed with over-sized tone-on-tone or contrasting bows.

Fun Fact: Our biggest order ever was of 2200 gift boxes, but we are happy to help with any gifting project that you might have.

Personal Gifts: Whether you’re shopping for your mother, brother, best friend, or a strange cousin you only see once a year, we have a basket you’ll love. Simply choose one of our thoughtfully designed gift baskets or boxes, add your message, and complete the address with as much information as possible. We’ll take care of shipping and delivery. 

Fun Fact: please carefully complete the address, and provide us with the correct apartment number and buzzer, if available;  we do not want your gift to end up to your recipient's bank, as it turned out for one gift ordered from Australia to be delivered in Whistler, BC.  In the end, after a bit (more) investigative work, the gift made its way to the rightful beneficiary.

Customization: We are very proud of the collection we’ve put together, but sometimes you want to give a gift with your own personal flair. That’s why we always allow for customization, by adding an appropriate to the occasion hand-written card or a printed one with your logo. You can even build your own gift from scratch! Just visit our DIY Customization page to learn more.





This year we encourage you to place you Order as soon as possible.  

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we prefer to have more time available for the production and shipping.  During the busy Christmas time expect up to 3 (three) business days for processing your gift and 3-5 business days for shipping your gift.  We work very hard to accommodate your preferred delivery time but due to unforeseen circumstances, some delays may occur. For any questions and updates on the times of delivery and status of your orders, please email

As you may well know, Vancouver has the highest prices at the pump in Canada! However, we subsidize the Vancouver delivery fees on your behalf so that you can SAVE on the gas fees.  For the 2020 Christmas campaign, you could expect a ground shipping fee starting at C$10/destination for the Vancouver area.

More details on gift preparation and shipping HERE.

Please consider an Office Delivery for your recipient, it works very well in those hectic December and January days, when people are mostly out of the house with shopping, or running errands.  Very important is also to provide us with Their Phone Number - we cannot stress this enough - as we would need to schedule in advance the delivery and their availability.

We welcome any questions, comments and/or corporate inquiries and discounts at