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Local Chocolate

Local Chocolate


Solasta Chocolate is a innovative artisan chocolate company based in Vancouver, Canada.

Solasta  means "bright" and "illuminous" and chocolates are inspired by the Pacific Coast's natural surroundings.  Located in a culturally diverse region, the chocolates are a mix of classic and contemporary concepts using a wide range of local and international flavors to ensure you get the best tasting confections. For this reason, we advise our customers to enjoy their confections within 3 weeks from purchase.   

This chocolate box set includes two 16-piece assorted chocolates Gluten-Free.

Each 16-piece assorted chocolate medallion box includes:

  • 2 - Blueberry cardamom in milk chocolate
  • 2 - Honey glazed hazelnut in milk chocolate
  • 2 - Raspberry coconut in white chocolate
  • 2 - Lemon poppy seed in white chocolate
  • 2 - Maple walnut hibiscus in dark chocolate
  • 2 - Orange cranberry in dark chocolate
  • 2 - Ginger lemongrass in dark chocolate
  • 2 - Cherry almond in dark chocolate

Solasta has Gluten Free and No Sugar Options. Price is listed per one box.

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